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Finding your purpose

“I can honestly tell you that I am the happiest I have ever been in my life.”

Now that is a statement that creates conversation and debate, and probably always will.

For me having inner peace and tranquillity are the catalysts to a happier and satisfying life. It has been a long journey of self-evaluation to find a balance of being true to myself and letting go of ego related career aspirations, relationships that are not serving me well and beliefs that are not helpful or true.

I had that moment not too long ago when I was writing a children’s book and for a split second when I looked out of the window of my office seeing a rainbow and our cat and pet lamb sitting on the deck, I realised that my inner peace had found me, I shed a tear and smiled, I was finally home. I sat for a moment to enjoy the buzz of contentment and breathed a huge sigh of relief. Wow is that what inner peace feels like!

I had recently disembarked from the corporate environment after a few decades in senior management roles in pursuit of my calling. My inner voice constantly reminding me to help others find their way to a fabulous and fulfilling life and to write blogs, books and poetry.

My husband and I now live rurally in Hawke’s Bay recently leaving behind the city life to adorn gumboots, a vege garden and orphan lambs. Setting up an office in the middle of our paddock for zooming and writing has been a dream come true. I remember a TV ad that drew me in many moons ago and I dreamt of being in that situation. It was of a woman who was working from home skype-ing to her work colleagues, she was looking out at a fabulous view and was dressed in white, her husband was painting her toenails while she worked. “At the River” by Groove Armada was playing in the background. I forget what the ad was selling now, it was irrelevant. The feeling that it conjured up gave me a wanting, to be her. Well I finally feel like I am that women, although my husband isn’t keen on painting my toenails. (At the River – Groove Armada)

Isn’t that what life should be about, simple things?

I can tell you from my experience that if you look for happiness and joy everywhere except internally it will tease you into thinking you have found it and then before long it has gone. Finding contentment and satisfaction when your passion is discovered is wonderfully uplifting and feels like you have come home to your true calling. Something you may have been yearning for, for so long. When your heart and soul unite and uplift you to that peaceful place called freedom. Freedom from stress and freedom from worry. It is exhilarating, but it does take effort and it does take strategy and determination.

The burning question is how?

Well for me taking time out to become clear headed, not panicking about finances, learning to meditate, having regular exercise and decluttering my life, were all extremely helpful tools. At times though also a struggle. It’s not easy letting go, it does take courage with some internal conflicts along the way, but having a quiet knowing that you do have a purpose and you will find it, is the key. Also surrounding yourself with positive people that believe in you, choosing to be alone and switching off, discovering reading material/training that resonates with you and having someone to navigate you through the tough times will benefit you in your journey in finding your passion.

Most often the passion has always been there, silently waiting for you to wake it up. Remembering what you used to enjoy doing as a child, what sparks you when you are on holiday, what hobbies you enjoy on the weekend, what you enjoy reading or watching, what makes you laugh, what makes you cry, are all clues. Just start putting the pieces of the puzzle together one piece at a time and have some time alone to ponder and imagine what life could be like if you find that pot of gold waiting for you inside your rainbow.

A good question to ask yourself is, “ If finances were not a reason, would you go to work on Monday?”

If you are needing help to find your passion, I would be honoured, get in touch today.