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Denise Hart:
Mentoring from the Heart

From a very early age I have always had a strong spiritual intuition - fostered by my Celtic heritage and Catholic background. Throughout life I have drawn on this instinct to navigate myself through twists and turns and through failure and success.

I get great satisfaction encouraging others to follow their intuition and supporting their potential to live a happier life.

I have Diplomas in Applied Management and Business, and have worked in numerous sectors including media, hospitality, recruitment, retail and education. I have been responsible for the management and mentoring of many people from all walks of life in numerous roles; it is natural for me to nurture others.

Having benefited hugely from the guidance of a life coach, I followed my passion and became one myself, gaining a Diploma in Coaching from the New Zealand School of Coaching in 2011.

Since then, I have mentored many people looking to make positive changes in their lives, including through a Victoria University mentoring programme to promote greater wellbeing and work satisfaction for staff.

I live with my husband on a peaceful and picturesque lifestyle block in Kereru, at the foot of the Ruahine Ranges, with our treasured rescue animals.

I am guided by the acronym LEAF: (Luminous, Expressive, Authentic and Fearless) in everything I do. I offer honest, perceptive, realistic and non-religious spiritual mentoring to help people navigate on their journeys.

On my own journey to inner peace and joy, I underwent a long period of self-evaluation – when I worked to connect with my true self and let go of ego-driven career aspirations, relationships that did not serve me well and unhelpful and untrue beliefs.

I believe everything that happens to us is a stepping stone on our journey to fulfilment; by observing and reviewing our experiences (which can be challenging), we enable our pathway forward to happiness.

I would be honoured to mentor and support you on your journey.

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