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Do you have a 'living' list?

Like a bucket list, but why wait till the end is nearing? This is your list of things you want to achieve in life.

I wrote myself a list of 101 things to achieve in and ave called it My Living List. The reason I wrote 101 was that I had noticed that I had said on more than one occasion that I had 101 things to do, so I challenged myself to do it. It motivated me to break through the fears and hurdles holding me back, and now with the list ticked off – nothing is unachievable.
Here’s the top 10 most difficult things from my 101 that I am most proud to have achieved:

  1. Write a children’s book

  2. Take a parachute jump

  3. Meet my sponsor child in Cambodia

  4. Meet and marry my soul mate

  5. Work for myself

  6. Do something that scares me (give up security of a well paying job)

  7. Become a flexitarian (vegetarian and eat fish)

  8. Have three spend free days per week (SFD)

  9. Complete an oil painting

  10. Complete a Vipassana 10 day retreat