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Your Journey: Starting from the Heart

It’s time to:

  • Cut through the “noise” of everyday life and external voices and influences to really hear what your heart is telling you

  • Find your passion, pursue your dreams and set goals that reflect what will truly make you happy

  • Let go of unhelpful behaviours and beliefs and remove obstacles that are holding you back

  • Take constructive steps to bring about positive change wherever you seek it, personally or professionally

I offer life mentoring through self-wisdom and intuition, working from the heart to build happiness from within.

Your journey to finding your passion and reaching your potential starts here.

A Heartfelt Approach

Whatever your goals or purpose – better work-life balance, a new career direction, a fresh outlook, more rewarding relationships – my mentoring will give you the spiritual grounding, confidence, encouragement, ideas, information and strategies you need to find greater fulfilment.

I offer you


Dedicated time, the freedom and an environment for self-reflection


To cut through to the heart of what is important to you and what may be blocking your way


A different, objective and positive attitude towards your experiences and situation


Earned over more than a decade of life mentoring and through my own personal development


A realistic plan with constructive steps towards your goals


Follow-ups to ensure you keep moving forward

Ongoing support

Continued guidance and mentoring as you continue on your journey

Start your journey towards greater joy and satisfaction in your life, career and relationships. It’s your time to move forward.

What you can expect

Mentoring begins with a free, confidential, non-judgmental and informal catch-up to discover how I can help you and identify the focus for our time together.

This is followed by deeper, “connection” conversations where we gently explore what your inner self is telling you – about your dreams, desires and any obstacles in your way.

We then take action to move towards your goals; setting practical steps with ongoing self-reflection, which I encourage you to work on between our conversations.

Our conversations are guided by intuition, until we reach an “aha” moment. When you are fully connected with your inner self (heart and soul), you start to have an understanding of how ego influences your life and how to make beneficial changes.

I draw on storytelling in mentoring, often sharing experiences from my own journey, to establish a sense of connection, empathy and trust.