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Loving your liver

I learnt so much from reading Dr Libby’s Rushing Women’s Syndrome book and I highly recommend it.

One of the lightbulb moments I had from the book was that I wasn’t loving my liver as much as I could have. Dr Libby’s book reminded me just how important my liver is. Goodness, that is one amazingly hard-working human organ! It’s so clever at clearing out all the toxins from my body and here I was loading it up with more! Just living in our society with car fumes, pesticides and other things in the atmosphere is tough enough on our livers, let alone all the food additives, caffeine and alcohol we pile into our systems.

I must admit I had been feeling a little out of sync, so I decided to make some minor adjustments to support my liver function.

Since I finished the book, I’ve increased my green as I realised I wasn’t eating enough vegetables at night. I’ve also cut back on coffee and alcohol (but not completely as I do enjoy a good coffee or a glass of wine).

I’ve continued to have fresh fruit and vegetable juice in the mornings, and now I also (as suggested by Dr Libby) have a hot water and lemon drink to start my day. Overall, I don’t eat any less or any more, I just eat more good stuff. I really feel that I’m listening to my body better and that I have more energy flowing through, which is great.

If you’re feeling a bit sluggish, I do recommend investigating ways to love your liver more. And I’d appreciate any tips or tricks you might have to help me continue my liver loving journey. Get in touch today to share!