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Staying on track with regular reflection

I started working with Denise about 18 months ago. At the time I was very bored and uninspired at work, so I started having regular sessions with Denise to explore my options for earning a living outside the industry I’ve worked in for the past 20 years.

We looked at all my interests, hobbies, talents and generic skills and brainstormed the options. Denise encouraged me to think outside the square and to dream a little.

At the same time, we looked into things in my personal life and how to make them even better to support whatever decision I made on the career front.

Having made a conscious decision to stay in my current role, I am inspired to be my very best and to embrace it with enthusiasm and purpose rather than just going through the motions. Having made this decision, I actually enjoy my work again.

I believe working with Denise forced me out of my comfort zone. It ensured that I put some time aside in my busy life each month to be self-reflective and to be held accountable (by Denise) for moving forward at least a little every month.

To ensure that I stay on track with all the changes that I am making in my life, I continue to meet with Denise once a month. This helps to keep me focused on what I want to achieve and provides a regular opportunity to reflect on life’s ups and downs with an impartial, knowledgeable, savvy and (most of all) caring and empathetic person.

- Lianne